• Electrical Compliance Surveys
  • Occupational Noise Surveys
  • Environmental Noise Surveys
  • Boiler Performance Surveys
  • Machine Performance Surveys

(1) Inspection and Testing of Electrical Installations:

There may exist many fault situations in an electrical installation due to wear and tear, poor workmanship, incorrect choice of switchgear and fittings, misuse, incorrect design, over-loading – which if undetected may lead to devastating breakdowns and even electrocution. The responsibility of employers is quite clear – and it is for them to ensure that their electrical installation is safe of use. The only recourse is for them to have their electrical installation thoroughly inspected and tested for compliance with the relevant standards. We have now been providing this compliance testing to established organizations since many years.

(2) Vibration Analysis

Using a regular Vibration Analysis Service, it is possible to detect any equipment malfunction or faults at very early stages, thus minimize internal damage to equipment. With this technique, it is possible to detect bearing damage, equipment misalignment, fan unbalance ,etc.

(3) Noise Survey (Occupational, Environmental)

Persons working in excessively noisy environment and having suffered hearing impairment may sue employers for failure to provide them with a safe and healthy environment. Likewise, residential neighbors may create many obstacles in the smooth operation of a factory is noise limits are not respected. It is therefore in the interest of employers to be proactive in this matter and to take stock of the levels of noise to which their employees and neighbors are exposed. They will then be able to take the right and often economic decisions regarding what they have to do in order to comply with the regulations as well as the norms of good neighborhood. We are equipped with calibrated equipment and experienced engineers to expertly carry out noise surveys and even propose proper solutions to noise related problems.

(4) Oil And Water Analysis

Despite monthly testing of boiler water by suppliers of water treatment chemicals, the fact remains that water quality in most boilers is sub-standard, thereby significantly reducing boiler (and production output). Similarly, a wealth of information on the “health” and condition of such equipment as standby sets, gearboxes, etc may be obtained through regular analysis of oil samples.